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Scavenger Hunt

The Hackensack Cafe’ Adventure Scavenger Hunt was an event the Youth and Family Ministry Team put together this fall. Author Norrie Thomas read her book, the kids went on a mission to find the missing donut recipes by figuring out puz- zles and clues, and then we all had a delicious meal!

There were 9 children at the event along with their families and friends. Here are a few wonderful outcomes from this experience:

· We had 20 volunteers who applied, had background checks, were trained and ready to go that day!

· Our kitchen crew was organized and prepared to serve 100 people. In the end we served about 50, but we were ready for 100.

· The parents and grandparents joined their children on the

scavenger hunt and had this experience with them! It was so great to see the kids asking their parents/grandparents to help them with clues.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped pull this event off! Thank you to Norrie Thomas who read her story to us and allowed us to base this entire event off of her book. Thank you to the Youth and Family Team who worked hard on putting this event together (Caryl Allan, Heidi Hoppe, Sue Kimmel, Gary Kwong, and Pastor Torri).

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