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The Hackensack Adventures- Book Two: Cats at the Library, Dogs at the Café

Chapter One: Summer Begins

It was the last week of school and Mayor Rainbow was readying her speech. It was the end of year announcement program getting the kids ready for the final week. Mayor Rainbow of Hackensack Minnesota had been working with city leaders for months- many long planning sessions at the Café getting the summer programs organized- followed by shots of Greek coffee and donuts (the new crowd favorite was Honey and Cinnamon). The website was updated, and the brochures were ready. The city was humming with activity, and enthusiasm for the days ahead.

Walking into school that fine morning the familiar faces- Hank, Olivia, Sophia, and Tucker were running past the mayor to the auditorium- the kids from the dog rescue center were shouting “Good Morning Mayor!”, and the kids from the city soccer team were wearing their colorful jerseys- there was a game tonight- an important game against our rival city- Walker. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the ice had disappeared and summer was about to begin!!

No one was expecting this beautiful day to be the beginning of a new adventure.

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